El Club Medio ambiente

Code of Conduct

  1. Comply with legal requirements and other requirements to which the organisation adheres. 
  2. Offer a service with unique and reliable qualities, using facilities that are cared for down to the last detail. 
  3. Continuously update the policy and establish objectives and goals that help us continuously improve our activity's environmental impact, ensuring the satisfaction of our customers and the quality of our service. 
  4. Prevent pollution in any of its forms, with a particular emphasis on pollution of the marine and coastal environment, by adopting the best available techniques. 
  5. Minimise natural resources consumption, taking it to the minimum required without affecting our commitment to the best quality and service. 
  6. Provide proper training and raise awareness among our own staff, in order to offer the best possible service and encourage respect for the environment.
  7. Involve our customers, suppliers and subcontractors in the adoption of good environmental practices.
  8. The management is committed to ensuring the implementation of this Policy, which is available to any person or organisation that requests it.


The RCNPP implements an environmental policy and code of conduct that ensures a high level of environmental protection for sustainable development. The Club's commitment is as follows: 

Bahía de Pollensa, paseo Anglada Camarasa.

RCNPP's Environmental Code of Conduct

Our main objective is to ensure a high level of environmental protection and to continuously improve the environmental impact of our activity and to do so; we must:

  • Use water wisely; it's a limited resource.
  • Reduce electricity consumption as much as possible, and by doing so, you'll be helping to preserve the planet's natural resources.
  • Reduce diesel and petrol consumption.
  • It's essential to separate waste properly, so we all need to work together to do so.

When your boat is in port, remember:

  • Avoid using the toilets and showers of boats while they are moored at the port. These services are available at the Club.
  • Domestic waste produced on the boat must be deposited in the port containers before departure.
  • Provide wastewater tanks on boats and make use of the collection service for wastewater from your boats.
  • When cleaning your boat, please use biodegradable soaps and detergents.
  • Carry out regular maintenance of the engines and the boat. Avoid fuel spillages and check tanks and hoses for leaks.
  • If repairs and maintenance are carried out with the boat moored, precautions must be taken to avoid spilling toxic products into the sea.

And when you go sailing:

  • Try to anchor in places where you don't destroy the seabed.
  • Respect the marine flora and fauna, both on the surface and the seabed. Take extreme precautions near protected areas.
  • Comply with regulations on sailing, signals, bans and fishing.
  • Respect the environment by avoiding the emission of sound signals and avoiding running engines or generators at night that might produce noise emissions, disturbing nearby boats.

And it's worth remembering that the Mediterranean Sea isn't a dumping ground but one of the most biologically diverse seas on the planet.