Track Record

1999: Windsurfing World Championship
1999: Spanish Tornado Class Championship
2001: Spanish Windsurfing Cup
2004: Flying Fifteen Class European Championship
2007: Flying Fifteen Class World Championship
2014: Flying Fifteen Class European Championship
2017: Spanish Optimist Championship


The sailing section of the Reial Club Nàutic Port de Pollença keeps the club active 365 days a year.
With activities all year round and for all groups, it not only fulfils its duty of promoting nautical sports and improving the discipline's technique but also, thanks to its managers and team of instructors, it transmits values such as effort, self-improvement, teamwork, respect and equality among many others.

The sailing school is the driving force behind the section. The young people, a core of about 25 children between 6 and 9 years, practise optimist sailing. The sailing school also has a 4.7 laser class regatta team. The instructors do a great job thanks to their technical skills and commitment. Social and institutional commitment is also significant in this section. For this reason, throughout the year, sea baptisms and other activities are held with infant and primary schools in Pollença.

Recently, the sailing school has added another nautical sport in kitesurfing. Kitesurfing classes are booming in the Balearic Islands, which is why the RCNPP is a pioneer in offering this activity.

Classes are offered from boats, avoiding the beach to ensure the safety of the athletes.


Yacht Racing is a real highlight in the world of sailing in Mallorca. The RCNPP's racing history includes important names in terms of national sailing and major offshore competitions. 

Throughout the year, the Club organises local races, the Cormoran Trophy, the InterIlles Mortitx Trophy, and participates in others in collaboration with clubs such as the Colònia de Sant Pere Club or the Ciutadella Club.

Three leagues are organised throughout the year, the autumn league, the winter league, with two events, and the spring league, with four events. The total number of participating boats reaches twenty. Turnout is increasing year after year and at these meetings, there is a very healthy and marine feel in the air.

The Flying Fifteen Class has an important waypoint at the Reial Club Nàutic in Puerto Pollença, with a large number of fans who regularly hold regattas in the waters of the Bay of Pollença.

The European Championship in 2004 and the World Championship in June 2007 were the most prestigious events hosted by the RCNPP on the international Flying Fifteen circuit.

The RCNPP organises the local races of this class that are held in the Bay of Pollença throughout the year, also the Mallorca Championship and the Balearic Championship, which is essentially the Spanish Championship since most of the fleet is based in Mallorca.


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DIABOLIC vence la XXIII edición de la regata Bahia de Pollença

24 May 2021

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XXXIX Trofeu Colonya 2021 y Campeonato de Mallorca de Flying Fifteen

25 April 2021

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Entrevista a Javier Seguí, regatista RCNPP

16 April 2021

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Cristina Pujol y Carlos Martínez ganadores absolutos de la Copa de España ILCA6

4 April 2021

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Rueda de prensa Copa de España de la clase ILCA 6

30 March 2021

El Reial Club Nàutic Port de Pollença (RCNPP) organiza junto con la Real Federación de Vela Española (RFEV) y la Federación Balear de Vela, la Copa de España de la clase ILCA 6 (clase laser radial) en del 1 al 4 de abril.

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Copa de España de la clase ILCA 6

28 March 2021

La Copa de España de la clase ILCA 6 es open, es decir, puede participar quien quiera, pero será un campeonato dónde participarán los mejores de España. También habrá participación de chicas de otros países que están preparando su proyecto olímpico.

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Podium Campeonato Baleares ILCA 6

21 March 2021

El Campeonato de Baleares ILCA 6 se ha visto marcado por las condiciones climatológicas. Aún así, se han podido celebrar 6 pruebas donde Marga Perelló del Club Nàutic s’Estanyol ha resultado campeona de Baleares Sub17 y Sub 19, Fátima Reyes del Club Nàutic s’Arenal campeona absoluta de Baleares y Daniel Cardona del Club Nàutic s’Arenal campeón de Baleares sub 17 sub 19 y absoluto

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Lucía Ugarriza y Maman Mood ganadoras de la primera Regata Femenina Trofeo Galería Maior Pollença

18 March 2021

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Maria de Mar López y Pilar Casares y Rafa Benítez, ganadores de la Tercera Regata del Trofeo Galería Maior

18 March 2021

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Kitesurf RCNPP

5 March 2021

Vídeo entrevista con Saul Gabarro instructor de la modalidad de Kitesurf y Pere Antoni Borrás directivo del RCNPP responsable del área deportiva.

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Trofeos de la regata Trofeo Galería Maior

14 February 2021

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Galería Maior patrocinador de la Liguilla de Invierno

27 January 2021

Un año más, el RCNPP organiza el Trofeo Galería Maior Pollença, antiguamente liga de invierno

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Rossina di Mare de Amador Magraner, primer clasificado en clase RI en el Illes Balears de Clásicos

19 August 2020

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Waszp Test Days

25 May 2020

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II Gala del Deporte

17 February 2020

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Trofeu Colonya

1 October 2019

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Trofeu Mortitx

25 September 2019

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Las hermanas Cabanelles se clasifican para el Campeonato de España de 420

16 February 2018

Caterina y Juna Cabanelles se han clasificado para competir en el Campeonato de España de clase 420

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Trofeu Colonya de Optimist i Cto Mallorca de Flying fifteen

Mítico Trofeo Colonya de Optimist y el Campeoato de Mallorca de Flying Fifteen.

More information
Copa España ILCA 6

More information
Regata Bahia de Pollença

More information
Campeonato de Baleares de ILCA 6

El Campeonato de Baleares de la clase ILCA 6, se celebrará en aguas de la bahía de Pollença (Mallorca), entre los días 19 al 21 de Marzo del 2021, ambos inclusive.

More information
Campeonato de Baleares Flying Fifteen

More information
Tercera Regata Trofeo Galería Maior

Tercera regata Trofeo Galería Maior

More information
2ª Regata Trofeo Galería Maior

Segunda regata del Trofeo Galería Maior. Máximo 50 participantes. Clase crucero regata a2.

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Entrega de mascarillas corporativas

Directivos del Club hacen entrega de mascarillas corporativas a los alumnos de la escuela de vela y piragua

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Trofeo Galería Maior

El próximo sábado 23, primera regata de la Liguilla de Invierno

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